keskiviikko 20. heinäkuuta 2011

Bangalore city, India. 10.7.2011

Sunday 10.7.2011
Bangalore city, India

So tired when I woke up. Time difference is only 2,5 hours, but when it is much earlier in our own country it feels like waking up in the middle of best sleeping time. During the breakfast we got the best idea ever. It was a pool time!
I just briefly tell about it: it included sun, swimming, a cup of cappuccino, white wine and a great book. Soooo relaxing.
After spending some hours at the pool it was time to have a shower, download photos from the camera and check email, Facebook etc. I made a cup of coffee for myself. Only available milk was some kind of powder…sigh…well, at least it was white. 
My friend got sick, feeling so sad for her :(
I needed some water and so did her, so I went for a walk. I still can’t explain why all these places felt so familiar. I knew the road and knew where some shops were. Made some shopping and took a rickshaw back to hotel.

Some photos from my hotel room, it is a good room, but of course not like the suite we had in Agra :D

Pictures from the pool side and yes, you guessed right, I was swimming there every day.

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