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Bangalore, India. 11.7. - 20.7.2011

Bangalore, India
All kind of things what happened during our stay in the Bangalore, India 11.7. - 20.7.2011 with pictures.

Monday 11.7.2011
Time to do some work also, so we drove to the office first thing in the morning. On the way there we saw a local shanty town. Somehow seeing those children is making me sad, I wish I could do something for them, but reality is that no-one can’t save all the children in this world. I just have to close my heart and try not to think about this issue.

After the working hours, we went to shopping. And let me tell you about one thing: I have always thought that I’m master level shopper… but oh my god :O
My friend is totally something…

Tuesday 12.7.2011
While waiting the hotel car to pick us up, I started fixing my broken shawl by sewing the hole in it. 4 ladies were wiping the water away from the front of the building and started staring at me…. Finally they gathered enough courage and approached me. One of the ladies wanted to see with what I was sewing my shawl. They didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak their language but we managed to understand each other somewhat with sign language. But mostly we just laughed… and every time we saw each other we waved and laughed.

For these I don't remember date...

Insident with Salmiac:

We are so bad... we made one of our consultants to eat Salmiac candy :D
Too bad that I didn't have my camera with me, the look in his face was showing all what he thought about that stuff...hahahaha

And other consultants knew that stuff, because they have lived in Finland... but even they didn't warn him. Poor fellow

Other stuff:
We have found the best shopping places around here: Central shopping mall, Brigade road, Garuda mall, Commercial Street, Deepam silk shop…  
I bet the hotel employees thinks we are really crazy foreign persons, as we are doing all kind of things, which are not so common with people, who are staying at the 5 star hotels. Every evening after arriving back to the hotel from office, we just drop our laptop bags to our rooms and went roaming around the city. And we are doing all our travelling at the city with Rickshaws. Usually people are taking hotel car with a driver :D
And let’s talk about swimming too… some evenings after returning from our shopping trip we went for a swim. At the pool… and there are hotel restaurants situated around the pool. So people were having their dinners while we were swimming. We didn’t let that disturb, but I have to admit that it didn’t feel very nice either…

Photo of the temple on the way to the office. Outside of the temples usually were older ladies making flower garlands. In Hinduism, flowers constitute an important offering made to the deities. Flowers are used while doing puja at home, temples and at sacred places.

Two different kind of transportation was available everywhere... a local Rolls Royce and an oxcart.

This plant would have been Selma's favorite, because it was bright pink :)

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